Interim assignments often arise at unexpected moments – for example, when a permanent employee drops out, during sudden peak periods or short-term projects – and are, by definition, rarely foreseeable. In such situations, swift action is essential to finding the right profile.

The ISAM team is a reliable, professional discussion partner for interim assignments thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the field and an active network of interim professionals within the full spectrum of sales and marketing. Because we have comprehensive knowledge of all our contacts’ expertise, availability and how well their profile will fit your organisation, we can act quickly at any moment.

Do you need professional, long-term support to implement structural improvements in your commercial performance? Allow ISAM’s professional experts and (interim) consultants to assist you.

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All ISAM consultants have extensive expertise and a pragmatic, hands-on approach – in all disciplines and at any desired level. Assisted by senior coaches, trainers and professors, they rely on the latest methodologies to analyse issues. All the feedback and new knowledge they provide is geared toward an optimal outcome for you. They collaborate intensively both in-house and externally, ensuring close monitoring of the progress and impact of each project.


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“We practice, what we preach.”

Do you want temporary (project) support to accelerate the successful roll-out of a commercial project? Or are you an experienced and inspired (change) sales manager who, in a short time, will help the team to be successful with your customers using new energy? Get in touch or leave your details here.