In-house Customised programmes

At ISAM, we believe that every organisation has unique development and change objectives that are specific to its organisational structure and the stage of its commercial transformation. Every organisation also has its own market dynamics, market approach, and resulting corporate culture. We tailor all our in-house training courses accordingly, with the aim of developing (new) commercial skills, changing your mindset, improving commercial processes and empowering professionals. We also stimulate and improve mutual cooperation within and between teams.

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In-house training courses

Would you like to improve the performance of your marketing and sales organisation? ISAM’s in-house training programmes offer the solution. The programmes focus on:

  • individual marketing and sales professionals;
  • commercial teams;
  • the commercial organisation as a whole.

Development and

Change programmes

ISAM specialises in designing and implementing company-specific development and change programmes. We do this for a wide range of organisations in the Netherlands and for multinationals and international teams worldwide. All our programmes are customised to the organisation.

Core concepts

About us

  • Since 1996, the ISAM team has helped more than 15,000 marketing and sales professionals, commercial leaders and commercial teams with their personal and professional development.
  • Programmes are based on Charles Jennings’ 70-20-10 framework (learning by self-experience, learning from others and learning by training). Our blended development programmes always incorporate a variety of methods to facilitate optimal impact.
  • Intensive collaboration with several leading universities in Europe. Our programmes are based on the latest scientific findings in marketing and sales and related fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, procurement and business economics.
  • ISAM teams with multilingual (business) trainers. They are experts in their fields and know how to challenge and inspire.


Foundational principles

All our development and change programmes are based on the following foundational principles:

  • Customisation to suit your organisation’s specific business context and ecosystem
  • Considering the perspective of the client’s procurement function
  • Providing a combination of training, coaching and assignments for individuals and teams
  • Average duration: 12–24 months

Goals of the


  • Develop commercial skills
  • Change mindset
  • Encourage and improve collaboration within and between teams
  • Improve commercial processes
  • Empower professionals