Are you an experienced sales professional looking to develop your knowledge and insights using the latest (evidence-based) models and methodologies within your field? Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of markets, organisations and people with ISAM’s postgraduate course in Strategic Account Management.

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In brief


8 sessions





Official postgraduate


  • An experienced sales professional with at least 5 years of relevant B2B experience.
  • A college or university degree and relevant skills training.
  • To improve your value to your professional contacts on a strategic level.

Your business contacts make decisions every day in a complex interplay of people, processes and mechanisms. Those decisions are also important for you, so it is essential that you truly understand this interplay. Doing so will allow you to recognise signals earlier, react faster and respond more effectively to developments and needs. This will make you even more successful in providing added value and inspiration to your business relations.

Upon successful completion of the postgraduate course, you will receive the certificate in ‘Strategic Account Management’, which is recognised by the Academic Board.

The investment for the 8-day course is 5.850€. This includes training materials and full catering. (Excludes 21% VAT).

Learning Experience

Course overview

Learning points

Course contents

  • How do you identify the key stakeholders of your prospects & customers?
  • What are the latest scientific models and methods concerning Strategic Account Management?
  • How can you analyse, select and classify prospects?
  • What is the psychology behind persuading a client or prospect?

Strategic Account Management

The lecturers

Some of the professors and practical lecturers of the Strategic Account Management programme: prof. dr. Régis Lemmens, mr. George van Houten, prof. dr. Toni Sfirtsis, Robbert van Velthijssen, Ayman van Bregt, drs. Lars Duursma….

Strategic Account Management

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