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Are you an experienced sales manager looking to enhance your value to your team? The Sales Leadership course will help you gain a fresh perspective on your organisation and the market so you can better coach and inspire your team to excellence.

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In brief


8 sessions




14+ speakers

Official postgraduate


  • An ambitious manager of a commercial team.
  • A college or university degree and relevant skills training.
  • To lead your commercial organisation or team to even better performance and lay a solid foundation for the future.

The Sales Leadership course helps you discover and develop your leadership skills so you can continue growing commercially. This includes learning how to recruit people effectively and how different reward structures work. You will discover your personal leadership style and the different working styles of your employees. Armed with the latest knowledge and insights, you will be better able to respond to them.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the official postgraduate certificate in ‘Sales Leadership’, recognised by the Academic Board.

The investment for the 8-day programme is 6,450€. This includes training materials and full catering. (Excludes 21% VAT).

Learning Experience

Course overview

Learning points

Course contents

  • What are the different leadership styles?
  • How do you become a better coach?
  • How do you successfully lead your team and organisation through change processes?
  • What are the latest scientific models and methods in Sales Leadership?
  • How can you effectively recruit and reward Sales & Marketing professionals?

Sales Leadership

The lecturers

Some of the professors and practical lecturers of the Sales Leadership programme:: mr. Dennis Maessen, drs. Roel van de Wiele, drs. John de Kok, ass. prof. dr. Kilian Wawoe, Ayaman van Bregt, dr. Wouter van den Berg, Robbert van Velthuijssen, drs. Lars Duursma….

Sales Leadership

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