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25 April 2024

Would you like to get completely up-to-date in the field of sales and account management in a single day? Register for ISAM’s Masters in Sales, a unique blend of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and next-level insights from the business world.

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  • An experienced sales professional with at least 3 years of relevant B2B experience
  • The ability to think and work at university level and a curiosity about the latest scientific knowledge and insights
  • To become a future-proof sales professional by continually developing your understanding and expertise

Four reasons to

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Get up to date with the latest scientific knowledge in just one day.

Renowned professors who share the latest knowledge and insights on sales and account management.

Inspiration from practice

Captains of industry who present a case study and translate it into relevant practice.

Build your professional network

The day-long programme provides opportunities to network and share experiences with other participants.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certificate

Proof of your acquired knowledge and professional curiosity and growth.

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An overview

Unique one-day
Master in Sales programme

*The training programme may differ from the above outline

Core concepts

Course contents

  • Design thinking & co-creation
  • Digital transformation in sales
  • Value chain advisor
  • ISAM Certificate

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    Master in Sales

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