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The Institute for Sales And Marketing (ISAM) is the trusted advisor for shaping, implementing and empowering commercial transformations within organisations.

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We focus on:

  • Growing your organisation by improving the performance of the commercial department (and related departments), commercial teams and the individual employees.
  • As a marketing or sales professional, developing your competencies and ensuring your personal growth.

What we


ISAM’s range of services consists of 4 areas:

  1. Postgraduate courses for personal development
  2. Customised, in-company training and programmes for improved performance of individuals, teams and the entire commercial organisation
  3. Project-based advice on and implementation of commercial policies for the benefit of the commercial organisation
  4. Professional experts providing advice and hands-on guidance, both on a consultancy and an interim basis



From the start, ISAM has distinguished itself from other marketing and sales training institutes and consulting firms by basing its approach on:

(1) Scientific research on developments in marketing and sales;
(2) A pragmatic translation of scientific expertise into daily practice.

In all its research, ISAM includes related fields of expertise, such as neuroscience, psychology, procurement and business economics. The latest state-of-the-art knowledge and scientific insights are the foundation of our complete portfolio of services.

Our team of experienced practitioners and renowned professors from top universities provide invaluable knowledge and expertise, lending substance and structure to our program.


Academic Board

The high level of knowledge within ISAM’s curriculum and its continuous development is monitored by the Academic Board, an independent think tank of professors who are affiliated with leading European universities. . Thanks to their long track record and innovative studies, each is considered an authority in their field. Because of this, the Academic Board is internationally recognised as a leading academic think tank providing direction for next-level executive education.


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“We practice, what we preach.”

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